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About the LWW Health Library!

LWW Health Library Personal Accounts

Create a personal account to personalize your access!

The LWW Health Library platform has just launched an exciting new quizzing feature, making it easier than ever for users to personalize their assessment experience. Follow these steps to register for a free personal account to start using this new feature today!

How to register:

You will be prompted to create a free personal account at the Health Library sign-in page:

Or at the individual collection home page for your institution:


Once you select "Create a Free Personal Account", you will be prompted to fill in information like your email address, name, and a unique password.

After you've created your free personal account, enjoy the benefits of printing content, saving content to PDF, and off-campus/out of IP range access to the Health Library for up to 90 days with a token. This 90 day token will refresh every time you log into your personal account within IP range.

LWW Health Library Personal Account

Personalized Self-Assessment Experience

The new Quizzing tool allows you to take and/or build custom quizzes organized by subject and topic. Results are automatically saved so you can easily analyze areas of strength and weakness.

You can access the quizzing tool by navigating to the self-assessment page of any collection you have access to:

Once there, you will see all the subjects and topics for that particular area of study. You can select one topic you'd like to focus on, or select multiple topics to review at one time.

You'll be given multiple options to further personalize your quizzing experience by selecting the number of questions you'd like to review, how much time you will be allotted to answer each question, what type of questions you'd like to focus on, and whether or not you'd like the option to check your answers immediately:

After you've completed each quiz, a digest will automatically populate with your results:

You'll also be able to review how you've done in this particular subject area if you've attempted the quiz multiple times:

Additionally, progress bars track what topics you've studied and how well you've done on the self-assessment landing page for a quick and visual representation of your progress:

For more information, check out this demo: Health Library Quizzing

Print to PDF Instructions

With a personal account, you can save LWW Health Library content as PDF documents if you’d like to reference materials off-line and do not wish to print.

First, go to the chapter of a specific text you’d like to save to PDF. Under the chapter heading you’ll see the following options; select PRINT:


A window will automatically pop up displaying options for which printer you'd like to send the document to. Select the drop down menu and chose ADOBE PDF.


A window will pop up prompting you to select where you'd like to save the document; select the location of your preference.


The PDF document will almost always automatically pop up once a version is saved to your computer. If not, locate the document where you saved it and enjoy access to the chapter offline.

Please note! A personalized watermark-the name you used when registering your personal account-will appear at the bottom of each page:


The LWW Health Library

is your portal to trusted Lippincott content—including our most commonly required textbooks and multimedia assets—for use in medical, pharmacy, and other health sciences programs. Collections within the LWW Health Library can be purchased wholly or in smaller segments such as Anatomical Sciences, Osteopathic Medicine, or Cornerstone Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Now available on the Silverchair platform, the site provides faculty and student users with:

  • Intuitive user interface, with texts and multimedia easily accessible or searchable by asset type
  • Improved title/reading view with image “download to PowerPoint” feature
  • Enhanced search functionality, including semantic tagging and filtering by subject—a critical component of learning in integrated curricula
  • Hundreds of cases, each with a brief description for use in case or problem-based learning
  • “Web-responsive design” that recognizes the device in use and adjusts the view accordingly
  • Multimedia such as videos, animations, and quiz banks compatible with iOS devices for uninterrupted viewing

Institutional administrators will appreciate the COUNTER-compliant usage data, which can be accessed via administrator log-in, as well as the User Central portion of the site with MARC Records, user engagement tools, and more. Please contact your Lippincott or Ovid representative for collection information and pricing.