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LWW Health Library: Board Review Series is aimed at providing basic knowledge as it relates to clinical situations and focuses on the content students need to know for board and course exams, covering material on each corresponding subject that is addressed on USMLE Step 1. The Board Review Series Health Library covers all the core basic sciences and affords an efficient method of studying by providing content in an easy-to-digest outline format containing review questions with accompanying answers and detailed explanations—chapter exams and a comprehensive exam for each text—clinical information, full-color illustrations, photographs, and tables.

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Authoritative Content

LWW Health Library is Lippincott's online platform for the delivery of high quality educational and clinical content. LWW Health Library: Board Review Series provides a core text offering that covers all of the basic sciences and is continually updated with the most current editions, including BRS Physiology, BRS Gross Anatomy, BRS Behavioral Science, and BRS Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Genetics, to name a few! Select Learn More below to find the full text offering.

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Intelligent Search

Browse by title, chapter, and topic;semantic search and easy-to-use navigation tools speed you to the results you need, when you need them. The site allows you to locate and retrieve the content and multimedia resources that optimize teaching and learning.

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Ancillary Content

To supplement comprehension and practice skills, the LWW Health Library: Board Review Series offers 1,536 figures—including full-color illustrations, color photos, and diagnostic images—chapter and comprehensive exams, and over 4,500 multiple-choice questions with explanations integrated into the new self-assessment feature, allowing users to customize quizzes and study content via subject.

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